RIP To Those Who Have Left Us


Local dog, Cookie was abandoned deliberately by her owner because she was old. She stumbled into the path of a wonderful person and family who took her in, even though their own dogs were most disagreeable and made it known.

We tried to find her a home however her age (she was a senior - 11+) and the timing (summer holidays) were against her and she had no luck.

Finally it was agreed by her finder that she would go to Switzerland to live out her days there with extended family. What an amazing life she had from there on, she went to school with her new mum and wandered the hills as free as a bird when school was out.

Sadly beautiful Cookie had a tumour which took recently but we are so glad that her last years though short were the best of her entire life.

Thank you Antje and RIP sweet Cookie.



Merlin came to us at the ripe old age of 14, abandoned in a particularly cruel way and in terrible condition. He was in foster for a year and his mum, he and I were going to meet up a week today to do his health check and talk about adoption.

Tragically that won't happen, he had an accident yesterday, he managed to squeeze through a small gap between the bars of the balcony railings and plunge 4 stories to the ground below.

His leg broken, the bone protruding through the skin, and as horrible as it sounds that wasn't the main concern. The prospect of internal bleeding was, and sadly is what took him.

He spent a comfortable night on masses of pain killers, however his little body wasn't able to take the shock and he slipped away in the early hours.

For those of you with older dogs and cats, please take a look at those small spaces, those places that seem impossible to reach or be problematic. Our older pets, just like us, with age their senses dull and they can easily forget, get stuck or god forbid fall. Don't let this happen to your loved one!

This is so very sad, he was a special little fella with a huge amount of strength and character.

RIP little man - gone but not forgotten.



She stayed with me for a few years, a funny feisty little girl who went to a home with a garden where she pottered around happily.

Sadly her 16 years came to an end this week and little Venus has gone to be with Fugly, Eve and many other friends with so many of the same attributes and quirks.

RIP Veenie V

Thank you Amanda for loving her, quirks and all.



At 5:30pm on Monday 14th March 2016 Copa passed away - all the love in the world couldn't save him - he had all that love and more. RIP sweet, loyal boy. You were always Christian's inseparable best friend..



A couple of years ago we inherited 2 cats from another organisation. The elder of the 2, the mum was the healthier of the two (or so we thought) until she had to have a mammary strip, then dental, then another strip and so on. She got through all of it and appeared to be well and fully recovered, when suddenly almost in the blink of an eye she took a turn for the worst and passed away, albeit aided in a matter of hours.

She had a terrific home and a very happy life with her daughter and her dad who spoiled her and gave her the best of everything. Thank you Paul for all you did for her and continue to do for her daughter, I hope she's not too lonely. RIP little one you are so very much missed but never forgotten.


Ranger looked like a very old dog when he came to us, reason being he'd been in a home where their idea of care was at best, ridiculous.

They would wash him more often than a dog with a skin problems. They washed him once a week, I kid you not, the result...... his coat was dry and brittle, he scratched constantly because all the natural oils had been removed.
They would wipe his face before and after food like a child - they fed him mainly human food and too much of it. This resulted in adding to his already horrible coat and skin, a mouth full of rotten yellow teeth and 4+ kilos of fat - he was horribly overweight! This, of course, put pressure oh his hips and legs which were already weak as he had no muscle tone. They didn't walk him either - in case he got dirty or something bad happened to him, the list was endless and ridiculous ..................
When he was finally adopted by one of our dog walkers and volunteers there was a lot of work to be done and it took a long time to get him back to speed and in good shape and health.  He lived a truly blessed life, like a King but a dog King. He was shaved in summer with the most hilarious haircuts which made us all laugh. In time, the shine returned to his coat and his dead lifeless eyes too. He had muscle and enjoyed his strolls and then real walks - he even allowed the resident cats to be around him.
Sadly, as is common to Retrievers and Labs, he got cancer last year and the diagnosis was bad - I won't go into the medical side. His parents home cooked and took a natural approach to his care; the sacrifices they made - unimaginable to most. He lived for more than 6 months longer than was ever imagined possible. The vet actually commented on how incredible he looked, but sadly a second tumour undid him and he passed quickly with help.
RIP Ranger you touched so many hearts and have certainly left a void! Thank you for allowing us to learn so much about natural remedies, foods, herbs because of you xx


Sadly another of our original 46 Sanctuary cats passed away.
Kiwi was never homed and was a lovely, mellow cat who kept herself to herself. At only 5 years old she developed kidney failure - so common in cats but not in such youngsters necessarily. After 3 days on a drip to keep her hydrated and comfortable, she made no improvement at all and refused to eat - she passed away quietly and without warning on Thursday - RIP Kiwi - no more pain or discomfort.
Many thanks to the staff at Whiskers n Paws (Vicky) for caring for her - she was very happy there!


Sadly we had to say goodbye to our lovely dog, Ms Cassidy. When a dog can no longer stand up or move her head without pain you know its time! To have to live on so many painkillers you are oblivious to who, what or where you even are. It all happened so quickly too - in a week it began and ended!

Dogs have dignity and when they can no longer get up to relieve themselves, its more than unpleasant for any animal to have to lie in it.

What certainly made it harder was to see how alert she still was, her mind functioning normally and she was ready and willing to try and drag herself onto her feet to eat a Pomeranian wandering past.

Surgery could not fix her, the odds being 70 - 30 and she could have died on the table. The MRI and discussions with 3 different vets all lead to the same thing. Her spine, neck were shot and irreparable and then her hips too - god how she ever endured the pain ........

She was sweet and loving to the last second, she passed away peacefully and like dogs do accepted her fate.
We all shed tears of course and will do again I'm sure - thank you to Prodi & Rinku for giving her 18 months of love happiness and a home.
Sadly her father Butch, is bewildered and certainly missing his daughter. They'd been together their whole lives and endured all manner of hardship - not a great start to the New Year but we are all here for just a spell.
RIP dear Ms Cassidy gone but never forgotten!


I'm in tears as I write this - it was so very sudden and yet just as painful.

Our dear little Rosie passed away last night - she was her usual happy self all day and then climbed into bed with her mum and dad and slipped away peacefully in her sleep.

We did all we could for her, and her adopters loved her to the very end. Her life was short but she was adored and happy. She went through so much in her short life but died in a home and loved!
I know that even if we had got her earlier, her heart would have given out - she was destined to be with us for a short time only .......
RIP - and thank you to everyone who did so much for her - Kim and Olive especially who tried for 3 years to catch her. Mary Kathryn for adopting her and Andy + the Acorn team as well as Dr Ian.


This was Paul, a young, vibrant, super friendly boy who recently died of suspected lepto. His family are devastated by his passing and asked me to let people know to be careful if they see any symptoms.

Don't wait and observe, if your dog goes off his/her food, becomes lethargic, vomits or is off colour - get to the vet immediately! Every minute counts and his mum feels that had she got him to the vet sooner they may have been able to save him.

If you don't know about lepto - ask your vet or google it. After heavy rains come standing water - where a rat has peed, a lick of the pavement where a rat has been or a drink from disgusting standing water on a trail - how could you know?

A couple of years ago a human I know got lepto - he and his dog were standing in a stream after heavy rains. He had a small cut on his ankle, he was hospitalised his dog was fine.

Most vets vaccinate against lepto but only about 6 strains and there are approximately 16. Hey 6 is better than none right?

RIP Paul you are gone but not forgotten xx