Update: 16/9/2018:

It may seem a little strange Clyde wearing a coat in the middle of summer. Reason being he has stitches in his neck and an enormous wound which is healing however to prevent him from scratching or pulling the stitches out its best to keep it covered. 

He's doing well with the other dogs, playing and doing what dogs do. His stitches will be removed next week and he'll hopefully be allowed to enjoy a more normal life and then a home to call his own.

Like to meet him? He'll be at the next adoption day on the 23rd, come by and say hello.  

Update: 6/9/2018:

Clyde the Poodle. The most obvious first, the huge open wound on his neck, not a recent wound. Dr Seems had to cut away the dead skin and be sew it up. The wound was much deeper than initially expected and it must have been so painful when it happened. We'll never know what that was, however, we do know that someone dropped the dogs off a boat onto the pier and left them - cowards!

He's now up to date with all he needs -  desexed, vaccinations etc, eye drops for dry eye, shampoo for his dry, sparse hair and flaky skin. A good bath for him made him look like a new dog. The only thing we now need is a safe place to recover. He's really friendly about 3.5 years old and loves a cuddle and xxx and he so needs some love...... Can you help?


A young Poodle and older Schnauzer both male were abandoned at a temple, we’re unsure how long they’ve been there but the poodle has a plan wound plus shocking skin. The Schnauzer in better physical shape to the eye. They’ll be going to the vet in a few hours for a health check and assessment. In the meantime, we need a foster to give them a chance. Please contact us if you can help even if only until Sundays adoption day.