Update 15/9/208:

He did himself proud and is a well behaved little chap, toilet trained too. Nobody saw past the untidy hair and the damp ears and he couldn't get a foster, tragic! He really needs a foster as I have 7 at home and one very sick dog recovering from bloat. Little time to spend with him sadly. He's quiet not heard him bark at all,  very well behaved and wants to please. He loves his walks and its no problem to put his ear drops in either. In 3 weeks he's going to look amazing but we desperately need someone to give him a chance to heal after having 24teethoout - he eats wet and dry food no problem and loves his food. 

Update: 6/9/2018:

A little update on the Temple dogs - 

Cooper the Schnauzer first. He has bad skin and his coat is thin and lackluster, his teeth a few rotten and had to be removed. However his general health is good, and he's around 9 mellow and friendly. After desex and all the necessary he is ready to go, but go where? The foster we thought we had is now unable to help and we are left in a mad panic to get him and Clyde out of the vet today PLEASE can you help?

Clyde the Poodle. The most obvious first, the huge open wound on his neck, not a recent wound. Dr Seems had to cut away the dead skin and be sew it up. The wound was much deeper than initially expected and it must have been so painful when it happened. We'll never know what that was, however we do know that someone dropped the dogs off a boat onto the pier and left them - cowards!

He's now up to date with all he needs -  desexed, vaccinations etc, eye drops for dry eye, shampoo for his dry, sparse hair and flaky skin. A good bath for him made him look like a new dog. The only thing we now need is a safe place to recover. He's really friendly about 3.5 years old and loves a cuddle and xxx and he so needs some love...... Can you help?


A young Poodle and older Schnauzer both male, were abandoned at a temple, we’re unsure how long they’ve been there but the poodle has an plan wound plus shocking skin. The Schnauzer in better physical shape to the eye. They’ll be going to the vet in a few hours  for a health check and assessment. In the meantime we need a foster to give them a chance. Please contact us if you can help even if only until Sundays adoption day.