Fosters/Homes Needed for Breeds (cats/dogs)

A Pet Shop is downsizing, so that means abandoned animals - unwanted, though lovely, breed dogs and cats. We urgently need homes/fosters, and fast. They are all getting a health check or will have one soon, and they'll all have all they need done before beginning their new, happy life in loving homes! They have mostly all been used for breeding, so today is their lucky day, we can help them start fresh!

If you want to adopt or help foster, please fill in the correct form here, and please be specific about which one you'd like to help with.  

Sasha - West Highland White Terrier - 9 year old Female - Adopted

Shaka -  Yorkshire Terrier  - 7 year old Female - In foster, home needed


Shimmy - Yorkshire Terrier - 1 year old Female - Adopted


Skittles - Yorkshire Terrier - 10 year old female - Adopted

Simon - West Highland White Terrier - 10 year old Male On a trial adoption

Sara - Shiba Inu - 7 year old Female - Adopted


Sherbet - Sheltie - 8 year old Male - In foster, home needed

Silky - American Curl - 10 year old Female - Adopted

Switch - British Short Hair - 3 month old Kitten, blind in one eye. - Foster/home needed

Shona - British Short Hair - 3 year old Female - Adopted

Sheba - Blue British Short Hair - 4 year old Female - Adopted

Stalin - Blue British Short Hair - 5 year old Male - In a forever foster