Three Adult Cats Needing Homes

Betty-Lou and Jasmine

I was asked to re-home these same cats a year ago and was very fortunate to not need it as the family were able to hang on longer. Sadly, here we are again and the girls who have never been anywhere else or with anyone else are about to find themselves homeless! They've been with their family since they were 2.5 weeks old, when they were found in a warehouse and hand-reared. Almost identical, though you can tell them apart - Betty-Lou is slightly larger with a full tail. They have had their annual check ups, vaccinations etc and ready to go. They are social and will lie on you if you are lying down, or jump on the desk to stop you typing (a favourite cat game). They are 12 years young now and don't deserve to be homeless - no animal does.

The third cat, Mimi

We don't expect to home her with her friends, she is 10.5 years, however we need to try to help place her if we can.

She's a typical tortoiseshell, a petite HK cat with a large personality. She'll probably be happy to be on her own, as torti's are renowned for being independent and sometimes aloof - Mimi is no exception to that rule. She's healthy, up to date with her basics and more. She's affectionate, though not in your face all the time, she will come to you when she wants. A lovely little one and in need of a loving home for Christmas!

If you are interested in adopting any or all of these cats, please fill in the form here.