Dog Adoptions - February 2018 🐕🏠

I'd like to thank Peak Cafe Bar for accommodating us twice a month; the staff are always friendly, smiley and helpful and it makes a huge difference! Thank you all! Also, thanks big time to our volunteers who give up their free time, often their only day off, to help our dogs find forever homes. You are the best!

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Mary & Bear - their story and a plea for $$

Just over 2 years ago we were celebrating the adoption of two of our dogs Mary & Dennis (Photo above is at the time of adotion, and Dennis is now called Bear). Sadly, that came to an abrupt end when the owner sent an email, "It's with a heavy heart..."  We all know that this is the first line of what we never want to hear; the dogs are about to be dumped. Sure enough this was the case.

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Notice: New Adoption Fees 💲💲

To all our potential adopters,

As is the way of the world, prices rarely go down, only up. Unfortunately, we have the same problem with our vet fees and so our adoption fees have to go up too.

We've managed to keep our fees low - we give a lot and ask for a little in return, and there's no money made by the vet or us. That won't change drastically as we are certainly still offering you, the adopter, a great deal. Furthermore, it will save you a huge amount. 

All dog adoption fees will be $2,500 which includes: 2 vaccinations, Frontline or Revolution, worming, microchip, rabies, heartworm test, 1 box of Heartgard, desex (when old enough if puppy) and of course, painkillers.

All cats/kittens adoption fees will be $1,500 which includes: 2 vaccinations, Frontline or Revolution, worming, microchip, desex (when old enough if kitten) and of course, painkillers.

Many thanks for your support,

Kirsten - Founder of Kirsten's Zoo

Losing a Cat

A sad tale! When our cats go into foster we give guidelines and try our best to make life easier for the cat and the foster too. We don't always know or have any real background on the cat in question, so we play it safe. We want the cat to be happy and settle quickly and easily. 

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Dog Adoptions - January 2018 🐶🏠

We had an easy month; we were able to move most of our dogs to fosters or homes without too much trouble. If only it were always that way! We had some very homeable dogs though, we still do really but we are just waiting for the right person(s)!

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