Dogs for April

A very weird month weather wise but thankfully some people really don't worry about the weather - when they decide they want to adopt they get on and do it! Normal right?

Our dogs do us proud they sit quietly, they never complain. It's almost as though they know what we're there for and why......... them, and finding them the best home with the best people regardless of how long it takes!


This months lucky lot


A Guinea pig called Jelly pig - we are all happy to have found at least one home for one little piggy. Sadly we now need another little piggy as we have yet another lonely piggy.


Guinnesshe didn't have to come back to adoption day, almost too good to be true as he is staying put. Guinness has a bit of a Harem going with 3 female dogs for company and all loving the mad play times on the beach! 


Hilary our pretty young girl found her forever home and again with her foster, it really is a happy ending for her given that she spent her her life chained up in a garden. Now nothing but the best for her. She loves her family and home, her first and last.


Jessie this was a wonderful, brilliant, amazing adoption as Jessie wasn't an easy dog and it did take a loooong time. She moved back to my area which is lovely too as I get to see her most days and she was really happy to see my pack and hang out. A really special adoption for me this one, she lived in a cage for a long time and for 23 hours a day and now she lives with a cat and is the queen of her castle.


Ingridpretty, shy little girl has a home and all the love she could want to go with it. Two new friends too and a quieter place near a beach which is perfect for any shy dog. Away from the noise and hustle of the city, sadly her sister wasn't so lucky.


Still waiting 


Barney we have him under our wing, he's staying with his family but we are seriously looking for a home where he can relax and feel safe. He came from another organisation and has been bounced around like a ball since he was a puppy. Now with a family however with a new born he's not getting enough exercise and he's frustrated, not surprising. He's lovely though needs a routine and a regular walks. 


Gandalf - our gentle oh so very easy, affectionate boy. He's obedient to a fault and wants to make you happy and his goofy ways are guaranteed to bring a smile. Totally toilet trained and will let you know if he needs to go out. He's the perfect family dog, great with children and other dogs alike hard to fault him. He'll join you in yoga, TV, dinner you do it he wants to be a part of it.


Gretel - Gandalf's twin though a more outgoing character, she's cuddly and like her twin very obedient and well behaved. Training is easy because she loves to please and like her brother is such a funny creature and guaranteed to bring a smile. The 3 remaining puppies are fun puppies, love bugs and cuddle bugs too there's not a single negative point to be made I kid you not!


Gerda the 3 G's and the last of the 9 we took on nearly 6 months ago. She's a good girl and greets every man, woman, child and dog she meets. Loves my cat though its not always reciprocated and she bears a couple of scratches on her chops - both deserved! Walking with her can take some time as she chases every leaf or floating object. She enjoys chewing sticks too but she never takes them home. She has outdoor and indoor behaviour which is very interesting, never gets on the sofa but in the middle of the night she creeps onto the bed and makes herself comfy!


Indie she's gained so much confidence since being in foster; with people and other dogs. She's an active young dog who is loyal and would follow you off a cliff, truly. Gentle and undemanding though she loves to be praised and would be a lovely second dog as she's more a follower than a leader.


Summer - though she's not with us yet we are doing what we can to bring her into the fold. Watch this post....


Longer term dogs 


Salvadore - our happy gentle larger boy who just keeps on getting better and yet only we seem to know that, it's weird as to meet him is to love him.


Toby -  he's quirky but easy, 3 walks a day, a soft bed, food and water - he's yours. He likes other dogs and happy to follow, he's no leader.


Elzanour troubled, little guy is making progress but he's not for everyone. He guards and what is his he is highly reluctant to share. He needs to be the only dog as he has no interest in others. 


Thank you to Suzanne, Vivien, Monica, Carmen and our amazing team of volunteers for their hard work.

Hope to see you on the 12th and 26th May. You are all welcome especially if you are adopting or would like to foster. Come and have a drink, a chat over lunch, get some amazing dog treats from Mongolia - the dogs love them!

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Easter Bunnies and Cats too

Wow it was a quiet month and adoption day, but not without success I'm happy to say. As always, around holiday times we get more requests from people wanting to surrender their pets than interests in adoption. This holiday was no different with 10 cats and 4 kittens in a week! It's just tragic...

Trying to do what we can though being fully aware that we can't save the world sadly -  we don't have the resources. Not one of these cats was adopted from us; they were all rescued from other organisations, found or passed on by a 'friend'. Whatever, the result is the same as they need help. We have to look closely and see who is the most in need, why and when they have to be given up before making decisions. 

As we get older our pets do too, and we don't know what the future holds for us or them. Life can be kind but also cruelat times, and our pets get the brunt end; it's nobody's fault!

Who found homes ? As it is Easter we ought to start with the bunnies. I received a call asking if I could take 2, one day old bunnies as the mother had rejected them. As it turns out she actually hadn't but as is the bunny way, they are fed only twice a day and mum leaves her babies between times and does what mummy rabbits do, eat! 

The finder could not have known this and thought he was doing the right thing. He had 4 rabbits abandoned on his farm and he kindly allowed them to live there though he has no clue about their needs or habits, bless.


Bunny when I was asked to help two, one day old bunnies I thought I'd better get a wiggle on and start reading up on what they eat, if they can eat, and how?

I put out a cry for help and was rewarded with a couple of willing persons to talk me through what was to follow. In the middle of that unexpected storm the bunnies arrived in a tiny box. These faceless creatures their only visible feature,their enlarged ears were not small but minuscule. The syringe I had was longer than the bunnies, clearly too big 😮 so I went back to the phone and asked a friend to get milk. Fortunately, bunny people came to the rescue with bunny milk, and the necessities and most importantly advice! Even better they decided to foster, on the relief I can't tell you.... They only eat twice a day and have to be weighed before and after each meal and need to eat 50% of their body weight per meal which takes A VERY LONG time . Sadly, one bunny did not make it, but the other is still going strong, gaining weight bit by bit - a sure fighter. Watch this space for more updates. 


Fuji - Our teenie tiny, 1 week old kitten found by the side of the road by a large German Shepard alive and kicking. What a beautiful gentle giant, and my oh my little Fuji is doing exceptionally well. She's been fed every 2 then 3 hours by her mum and our stand by foster and her family - what a wonderful example of team work! Lifesavers💕



Geisha - Sadly it didn't work out in her first home but things have a strange way of working out as her x family adopted our newborn Fuji. Geisha is in a new home and seems to have settled in beautifully. She's adored once again and is a happy cat, long may it last. 


Geraldine - We were getting a bit worried as she had made herself so very much at home with her foster, they had a great relationship and chatted regularly. Her penchant was to start talking whenever dad was on the phone, whether she was letting it be known she wasn't happy being ignored or she was joining in who knows? However now in a great home that suits her well and guess what? She's chattering away every time mum is on the phone. She's clearly settling well and a happy future awaits. ❤


Hadley & Hamilton - these little cuties were so well cared, hand reared round the clock by our amazing foster parents, they saved their lives! Today they are in their forever home and loving life and all the love and attention they've always known and enjoyed. Thank you to our fosters, ladies you did us proud!


Santa Paws - We had him for the longest time and though we changed fosters numerous times as he wasn't the easiest cat, quirky and stubborn actually. In the end he proves what I always have and will always believe. "There's the right pet for everyone, it's just a question of putting them together'. He's homed, loved and the determination not to give up finally paid off. 


Who joined us and who is in need  

Our newbies first ......


Immy and her little one India plus we have the other three siblings, Irene, Iago, and Ivan - so if you are looking for a kitten PLEASE contact us!


Maisy - a beautiful 7 year old small, friendly, female - being surrendered as her family are leaving and she can't go with them.  


Jazz - sadly she's a heart breaker, 16 years old and has been with Maisy to date. Finding her a home will be far harder and we only have until August. It's too sad for the older ones especially as so friendly and low maintenance.


Bobo & Xiao Xiong we have fortunately been able to find a foster for theses two. I can't tell you how relieved I am. Their owner is terminally ill and we can't turn a blind eye to that. They've been well cared for and are in great condition, blood tests and everything done. They desperately need a loving home and we know at 10 years of age they won''t get many, or even any offers. Doesn't mean we can't try though right? 


Idris & Iliana -  they are stunning though painfully shy, now in a foster where they're being stroked and interacted with and gaining confidence with each day. They're going to be great;  it is just going to take a bit of time, and time we have for all those in our care. 


Who is still looking for a new home ......


Yudo & Enzo - why are these adorably funny, affectionate cats still with us ? It's nuts, they are just the best ever!


Henny & Harlow  - they're a lovely pair, they really compliment each other and that's why we are loath to split them up - young, friendly, affectionate, healthy, cute. I mean really, what more do you want ? 


Hera - she's coming out of her shell with each day, however, after her ordeal (being trapped) she's still a little wary. Who wouldn't be ? Give her a chance and you'll have the pleasure of watching her shed the fearful layers.


Inky -  another still traumatised from being trapped, though she's coming round more quickly and loves one of the resident cats. They spend hours thundering round the flat chasing each other so she'd be very happy with another young cat if you are willing to give her the time she needs. You'll have a lovely friend in that one!


Iggy -  having spend his life in the roof of a shop followed by a small cage Iggy is on the mend. He's coming out of hiding and allowing himself to be seen. Just perfect and like the others he has all the time he needs to repair the damage done to him. Go Iggy go!


See you all next month May 25th I believe - third Sunday at PAWTNERS - thank you Baymax & Deki for hosting and helping. As always, thank you to out fosters,friends, Steve Uriah Gallery photographer and Ida, Andrea and Yuri helping out.

Want to foster or adopt ?  Keep checking our website which is updated daily or drop me a line. Take care, stay well.


Dogs for March and More

We've had a busy month with one thing and another. Thankfully, I'm glad to stay more on the positive side as we continue to try and raise money to replenish our drained bank account. The puppies are thriving though so the money was very well spent as they are really growing like weeds.

We had a great day at the West Island School fair on the 16th - Guinness, Gandalf, Gretel and Freya all came along resulting in a foster and a possible home too - YaY! We were also able to raise $10,000 which pleased our accountant haha.


Tattoo anyone? Our adopter of 2 dogs and good friend has done Hong Kong's first 'Tattoos for charity' I believe. It has been a great success and even though it ends on the 31st of the month, we are already talking about future possibilities. You have until Sunday to make an appointment for a consultation, get your skates on and don't miss out. We're excited about seeing them as much as participating.

It's such a great opportunity to show how much you love your dog/s and help a charity in need.


Who found homes?


Glenda  & Gaga - no surprise there as they settled in beautifully and are having the life they probably dreamed off when living a miserable existence as ex-breeders.


Gideon - he's only been in his new home a few days and probably missing his sisters. We hope he will settle and be happy. He's such a delightful dog and deserves so much love, attention and only good things.


Gerda- she's on a trial adoption and given that this was her first adoption day she caused quite a stir. Super cute, friendly little girl, her tail just didn't stop wagging and is still going. She has a backup adopter too so it's looking good for her.


Freya - one of the funniest little creatures with a huge personality and an abundance of charm. She has her interview this week - lets see how it goes. If I were looking for a dog, she'd be my first choice. 


Our Newbies this month 

Hilary - what a gorgeous puppy. We tried to rescue her with her siblings last year but sadly we were unable to succeed. As expected she was given up without a second thought when she got too old, too big - yeah really old she's all of 8 months and so friendly. I'm so glad we were able to give her a chance at a home and a normal life and not chained up in a garden 24/7. She's available and you can meet her on completion and approval of our adoption questionnaire.


Who is still looking?


Puppies first - 

Gandalf - less confident than his twin Gretel. He makes up for that in other ways; he loves a cuddle, TV, you and a sofa would be his wish. 


Guinness - can't fault this one, he's smart and bold but not too bold. Affectionate, loving and handsome too - the whole package. 


Gretel - outgoing, cuddly and cute; she's a really good puppy. Learns fast too and add smart to the list!

Gretal and Gandalf are well on their way to being fully toilet trained as they're now able to go out for walks. 


Adults -

Salvadore, Toby, Jessie, Asia, Gene, Elzan and Rocky are still up for grabs if you are interested?


Thank you to our fosters, friends, photographers, volunteers and adopters for your ongoing support. We look forward to seeing you next month on the 14th and 28th for another busy month with the Rugby 7's and Easter. 

Cats for March

With the adoption of 3 cats and 3 kittens it was a lovely adoption event indeed. As always we had more adopters than cats which is flattering and shows we must be doing something right! 


Delilah - She wasn't even advertised and didn't need to be- her fosters fell in love with her and though it took the home cats a bit longer it worked and peace prevails. She's Dolly and Dimple's mum so a lovely result for the whole family.


Geisha - she had a bit of a slow start actually as she was scared, no she was terrified. She moved from one foster to a second where she luckily settled and decided it was quite nice being waited on hand and foot. The transition to her now home went like a dream and she was on the sofa on arrival in her new home. She's such a lovely cat and has a home to match, a lovely result and a gorgeous cat.


Haley as expected she was snapped up very quickly and though still in foster as her family have been away she'll be packing her bags s we speak in preparation. There's a lovely family and two excited children waiting to see her and give her lots of cuddles. She'll love the attention as she's very tactile and loving.


The 3 babies who haven't even been named yet but have homes to go to in about 4 weeks time. They're eating well, sleeping and playing so all is well and as it ought to be. They'll be heading to the vet for a check up and then back for a feed, they're still being syringe fed. They have no names and we haven't sexed them either. One will go to join another cat who I know will be happy as will the children. The other two will go to a home where they'll have a lot of space and love, they're the third generation for this family whose cats lived long long lives.


Who are our newbies ?

This month we have taken 3 from the streets - 

Mr Happy - or Hoppy as his friends call him - he has only 3 paws but is doing much better without the cone. He's starting to move around the flat with more confidence and is showing spirit and willingness to be friends.

He's come a long way in a short time and after a few years on the street its his turn to shine. Now in foster and being given all the time he needs to recover and acclimate.


Hannah - Our adorable older cat who was happy to be picked up as she had a very sore mouth. The 6 remaining teeth had to be removed too but other than that shes in great condition and it certainly doesn't hamper her from demolishing her daily servings of fresh fish fresh! She's loving life and her human servants to wait on her. Her new bff is a little girl who chats to her and keeps her company. Little Hannah even allowed her humans to give her a most needed bath as she wasn't able to wash herself and a beautiful swan emerged from the dirt. 


Hershey - what a gorgeous creature she is, I can't understand why nobody ever took her home. Oh well she's safe and thankfully we did bring her in, she's now enjoying space and room service.  A person or persons who would love to give her a safe haven for the rest of her natural life is what we are looking for. She's amazing, strong and no health issues at all, she just has no teeth. It makes no difference to her, nor ought it to you. 


Who is still looking? Keep checking our website, to see more of our beautiful cats - Yudo & Enzo a delightful duo. Angus & Benji another adorable pair, Pia, Santa and the lovely Gealdine too.

Farewell and Thank you to John for trapping and helping with the cats and adoption days you've done so much for our cats. You'll be missed, between you and Joanne so many cats have been given the chance of a happy life as pets. Every cat you guys trapped has a home and the very best available, a home any cat would want. The cats and we will miss you.

See you next month at PAWTNERS - thank you Deki & Baymax for giving us time and space for HK's cats in need. Check our website for adoptions/fostering or volunteering - see you in April.

WIS Fair 2019

We had a great rain free day; it seemed quiet and yet we were able to raise over $10,000! When I say 'we' I'm really referring to Lili, Freya, Guinness, Gandalf and Gretel, the puppies who worked the crowds ha ha it was kisses and cuddles all round.

They coped so well with all the unaccustomed attention they received over the day. They really made us proud and not forgetting the amazing team of students who did us proud, every one of you on time, willing and you raised funds too. 

The dogs I know slept SO well, the pups had to have two time out slots bless them, well all but Freya who bounced around until the end. She has endless energy however she finally fell asleep as soon as she got in the van to head home. We were very fortunate and able to find at least one foster and I'm waiting to hear about another, great result.

Temmy and the PTA thank you for organising to perfection yet another wonderful event, we are so lucky to be a part of it. It wouldn't be the same without you .

Lastly, a  HUGE thanks to our volunteers who gave up their already limited time to help out. Suzanne you did a fine job and Anna, Tammy, Susan, Kengi, Martin and John you did us proud. Joanna you were missed!