Dog Adoptions - March & April 2018 🐕🏠

It’s been a slow couple of months with but a few adoptions, but not a lot of dogs coming in either. Thank you to the staff at Peak Café Bar for being so accommodating, and thank you also to our lovely volunteers, without whom we wouldn’t be able to do what we do so well!

We were lucky and did manage to home some of our gorgeous dogs. So who were they? 

Ulla – This delightful puppy was the star of the adoption day. She had so many offers to foster her, however it was a home we wanted! That did of course happen, and not long after. Thank you Colin & Leah for letting her steal your hearts and home forever.

Nemo – He was surrendered due to an allergy problem, and he was a little overweight, plus we were told he didn’t really like to go out. No surprise here, he does in fact love to go out, and his new family take him everywhere with them. He is truly spoilt and is always outdoors – on the beach, at restaurants, and parks. He’s lost his extra pounds and he’s a very happy chappy!

Umbro – He was very lucky to have ended up with us, but that's another story. He found a truly great home and by the end of the year he’ll be in Canada yay! Where he’ll no doubt continue to drive mum and dad mad with his fussy eating and endless pleas for belly rubs. Heartworm free and as happy as can be.

Saki – Saki had a poor start to life, she was abandoned by her family and left with the helper who thankfully took it upon herself to care for her. We helped find her a home by having her at our adoption days where one of our fosters took a shine to her and off she went to a real home. Way to go Saki!

Vince – Vince is quite possibly one of the most beautiful mixed breeds I’ve ever seen, with the best shaggy hair. He was hit by a car when he was very young and the sole survivor. Though it took surgery and time for him to fully receover. Apart from his slight limp you'd never know. He landed a home back where he started – well, with the sister of the “owner” – and we know this time it really will be forever. 

Who is most in need right now? 

Unfortunately, we have a few foster homes coming to an end, and a couple of dogs in a private kennel, so if you can help please let us know asap or fill in our foster form here.

Salvadore – On or by the 7th May. He is a gentle giant, funny, playful and sweet. Once he knows you and earns your trust, he will be the most loyal, loving dog. 

Jessie – On or by the morning of the 8th May. Jessie doesn't like loud noises, she gets a bit scared, however she makes up for it by being very low-maintenance and easy. She loves her walks and once she knows you she is a great companion.  

Stan – By the middle of may. He's come such a long way since last year; his seizures have dramatically reduced in frequency, and he can be left alone without any problems. He’s a great little Corgi with love to give and he's happy to receive plenty.

Harriet & Crystal – While these two don’t necessarily need to stay together, it would certainly benefit them and us if they did. We need a foster for them by the end of May. They are funny companions, and as long as they get their walks and food, there will be no complaints from them! They are affectionate but in quite a different way - kisses from Crystal, and demands for head pats from Harriet.

Volvo - We are desperately looking for a person or people who can handle a large, rambunctious puppy with a ton of energy. He needs some training, let's face it, all puppies do, however as he's 17kg already it's more important and preferably needs to be started before he gets much bigger. We can of course assist here, but without the stability of a foster/a home it's impossible. On a positive note he's completely toilet-trained, loves to kiss and cuddle, oh and sit on you if he gets the chance.

Lady - She is still in private kennels, which she hates, as she is alone for 23 hours a day. She's good with other dogs and loves attention and cuddles. She's a young, healthy girl, who enjoys lots of exercise, something she's not getting now in kennels!

Who else is still looking for a forever home? Sisi, Toby, Gene, Mary, Jaga, Kara, Paige & Ulric! If you’d like to adopt any of our dogs, please do fill in the adoption form here, and we can certainly arrange for you to meet them. Or stop by our next adoption event on the 13th April! 


R.I.P Bear

It wasn't that long ago that we posted the sad return of two of our older, more mature dogs, Bear and Mary. All of us that knew and remembered them were stunned by their appearance and condition, but worked to get them back to being healthy, heavier and pain free.

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Cat Adoptions - February & March 2018 🐈🏠

We had to cancel the February Adoption Day because of CNY - so here we are with a combined list of the adoptions for February and March! Thank you, as always, to Whiskers 'n' Paws for accomodating us and being so helpful to our feline friends! So who were the chosen ones?

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Happy Endings For Our 3 GSD Puppies!

We were able to rescue three of what we later found out was eleven German Shepherd puppies born to a home breeder. We got two boys and one girl, the brothers are very much alike - agile, bouncy and large, almost 5kg heavier than their sister. Should they ever meet again it would be a sight to behold! The common factor among all three is that they are all stunning, gentle with children, and incredibly friendly to everyone and everything. We successfully homed all three, and want to share their stories!

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Cat Sanctuary Renovations - Phase 1

We moved from the beautiful house with a stunning garden in Tai Po, to a flat with a terrace in Sai Ying Pun.  Why? Well, high rent, lengthy travel time, and a reduction in cats! We started with 47 and we now have only 6 remaining, which in itself is to be applauded.

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