A new month, a new venue and new homes - Cats for October

If every month was like October there'd be no cats in need of homes haha - ok I can dream! We had an amazing month and first time adoption day at PAWTNERS proved successful at least with every cat we took there adopted plus more. Singles, pairs and singles who became pairs it was marvelous, amazing phenomenal. 8 weeks old up to a 10-year-old FIV positive cat - we had them and homed them!I'll stop gushing now, for a while anyway.
Huge thanks to Deki for giving us a new place, space and for making us incredibly welcome. We are going to be at PAWTNERS each and every month on the third Sunday of the month for cats.
We'll also be doing puppy training classes too starting this month. Like to know more? email me or send a message through the website.

As always THANK YOU to our adopters, friends, fosters and volunteers - without whom we couldn't do what we do!


Aditi & Zabi - as hard as it was for their foster they finally found a home and space to charge around too.



Becca & Baldric - Having been visited once the family came back and took them home, two children, two cats everyone happy!

Balu & Bilbo


Carmel - She was the first to go and to a first time home but oh boy is she the Queen of her castle!



Casper & Charlie - this is their second home in a week as they didn't fit with the dogs but they certainly fit with their new mum!

Casper and Charlie


Charlotte & Chandler - they weren't a pair originally, however, have become bff. They have two laps and more love than they've ever had aaah!



Claude - He will be going to New Zealand after all and the family will stay together - the best possible result Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Claude and Cludo


Nik Nak - At last, she found the home she's been waiting for, a cat to run around and play with and people attention too!

Nik Nak


Rolly - This was a lovely start to the day with our FIV cat going to her forever home. We know she's a cuddle bug and her mum wanted the same. Fantastic, the perfect pair!


Tilly - Adored by her fosters and she got to stay with them. They adore our cuddly girl and she them - all the attention she missed she is receiving tenfold.


Zelda - New Zealand? We are still waiting in anticipation fingers n toes crossed.



Newbies -

Candice - she's absolutely gorgeous, to know her is to love her.



Daisy - she was one of our cats and returned as we always take our own back. Dad travels too much and she deserves better and he knew it. 



Delilah - and her kittens Dolly & Dimple - the kittens are adorably friendly, we got them young enough to socialise them. They are strikingly beautiful too. Mum is still very scared and thankfully her fosters are giving her all the time she needs to come round.


Dexter - wow he's just the absolute best, ridiculously friendly and super cuddly. He'd fit in any home with anyone.



Didi - she's as white as snow with her different eye colours quite the beauty and young too.



Doris + 3 newborn - mum is being oh so protective as expected, she's a good mummy. We're unsure of the sex of the babies but they're but a week old. Watch this space .....



Dulcie - she's a funny, friendly cat who loves a cuddle and all the attention you can give. Being a tortoiseshell she's probably going to want her own company and yours no other cat! 



Most in need - 

Charlie & Lola - they have a little extension until December when the resident cat arrives.

Charlie & Lola


Pia - she's a funny girl who loves but from a distance, however, she and the resident cat have mad play sessions both day and night.



Santa Paws - sadly everyone loves him but nobody has adopted him. He'll make you feel special and make you smile daily.

Santa Paws


Yudo - what can I say, he's such a superhero, this amazing cat has been to hell and back and is now making friends with cats as well as humans!  



Winny & WinonaThey're quite simply stunning in every way! Affectionate, friendly, gentle and gorgeous! What else is there?

Winny & Winona


If you'd like to meet any of our cats simply fill in a form online and off we go!