Farewell Stalin / Brooklyn

Mimi and Deborah are missing the friend they knew as Brooklyn, we called him Stalin.

When we got him from a breeder and it was love at first sight for everyone, a large cat with a larger personality. However, he had a serious heart condition and ore .........

The cardiologist said after his health check and an x-ray. ''His abdomen is filled with a dark red fluid, blood and his heart is like a flabby carrier bag''. 

Even on a large amount of expensive medication not forgetting the discomfort and stress of administering it, his days were numbered.

Stalin was forced to breed for years and at the end of his useful breeding life, he was discarded. The breeder lied about his health, his age, about everything and continued to use him knowing she was passing on the same heart condition! DON'T buy from a breeder - you are saying yes to this!
The vet said he had 2 weeks to live, 2 months tops and needless to say we didn't try to home him we counted each day a blessing. 

He had 3 fosters before settling with his last family and friends Mimi the cat adopted from us, and Deborah the dog. They adored him, so much so they and gave up their spot on mum n dads bed to sleep near Brooklyn.

His heart finally gave out on the 11th October and he passed away peacefully in his dad's arms. 

RIP Brooklyn, you brought so much happiness to two and four-legged friends. Your funny quirks and fascination for playing with water and hiding, peeping round doors and boxes will stay with us forever.