Dogs, budgies and a bunny adopted in September

After the devastating typhoon the damage still showing, quite a few young and older birds were found, alive but exhausted. Some of our friends Daniel & Andrew, Evania, Ian & Pam provided safety in their baths and washbasins. A day or two later the birds were stronger and eating well, ready to leave their safe havens.

I'd like to say Thank you also to those who helped clear the trail where many of us walk our dogs - Ashley, Daniel, Andrew you did us proud!


Which of our dogs got lucky this month?

Aladdin - Our big, silly gorgeous puppy found his forever home, we knew he would and in the end, he had a few lined up waiting to adopt him. We think he and his new mum are the best matches and we know he'll be loved for life! Thank you also to his fosters who helped him on his way - Imann, Kiran, Lauren & Nick and Sherman.


Bart - He was 12 when we took him and having had a miserable life and never leaving his home for any reason then his life changed. He went into foster and was adopted a week later by his fosters. The perfect home and he's on his way to Thailand where he'll live out his life with an extended family and 2 pugs! A bit of a fairy story!



Bee - She was sought after as many could see just how special she was, she is. The family who adopted her have a cat who tolerates her, perhaps she as Vernon is a cat and a half with enough confidence for two cats! She's happy,  loved and we couldn't be happier for her.



Clara - The cutest little black beauty was adopted after a two-week trial. We knew she wouldn't be back it was love at first sight all round she's adored and adorable!


Clarke - As expected he was the most popular at the adoption day. However, it was wonderful to see a few people adopting mixed breed puppies when Clarke found his forever home. He fit like a glove with a family who have a Poodle x to keep him in line and he's a happy, playful and enjoying life his past forgotten.



Cameron -  Clara's brother was adopted after his trial, they too said they couldn't part with him he's part of the family and they love him too much. That's just what we want to hear.


Coffee - The only survivor of her litter having lost her mum too, they all starved to death when the keeper himself passed away. She loved her carers but they knew they couldn't give her all she needed. She needed more space, more training and more exercise too. All of which she'll get and as much love as she can handle. Perfect for our big gentle girl.



Cooper - He stayed with me for a short time and was the perfect gentleman. My dogs were very good with him and he them, so well behaved and loving. His dad is turning his life around to accommodate and make him happy. At 10 years we don't know what kind of life he had before being left on a pier, dumped from a boat, all we know is having had a 'health makeover' and dental his future looks bright.



Colin - the third of the three puppies and the only one adopted on the spot. He's adored and we know he too is a lucky and loved puppy with an ideal home and the best parents. Thank you!


Kara - it feels like it's taken forever however after 12+ months and numerous fosters and let downs too,  she's finally found a home. She missed out twice on homes overseas both in New Zealand having failed the blood test for tick fever. Well, third time lucky and if all goes to plan she'll be off to San Francisco next month, in a couple of weeks actually and this really is cause for celebration I can tell you!


Rich - The fourth of four greyhounds, Rich found the right home and family and we're thrilled to bits. It may have taken some time but it was well worth the wait. He and the others will be in Hong Kong quite soon having done their quarantine. There'll be a celebration for sure after a very long, laborious few months for those involved they can finally relax with their dogs at home, safe and free from the sad existence they'd endured in Macao 


Zeno - Our oldest boy was adopted and it was the best match after his foster mum already knew him so well. He was so attached to her and wasn't shy about turning his back on anyone showing interest in him and climbing onto her lap. He had already made up his mind he was staying and so he did.


Sisi - this is a particularly special one for some of us as she and her brother have been with me for longer than any other dogs. They spent most of their lives in kennels, over 5 years. I inherited them and though many dogs of all ages, type and size were adopted or fostered even sent overseas. Sisi and Toby were always overlooked, until last week when a friend contacted me and said her sister who lived who lived in Dublin wanted to adopt Sisi WOW. I almost fell off my chair, speechless!

Watch this space as we see what comes next for Sisi....................


Who still needs a lovely home?

Cherry - With Martin - the owner passed away, now looking for a home, she's young and lovely.



Clyde - the little poodle who came with Cooper, now fully recovered and loving life, walks and company.


Coco - we all love her she's a favourite, however, having only three legs has put off more than a few which is sad at best. She runs like the wind and has no problem at all and she has the sweetest personality.  


Harriet - my long term foster and the dog who makes me laugh most. Her unique quirks make her more adorable, her daily aerobics in the grass or on the street. Upside down legs going everywhere she's a hoot!


Martin - A lovely dog and having lost his keeper now in desperate need to belong once more. Can you help, please?



Rocky - another gentle medium/ large dog in need having been left behind when his keeper left. A terrible thing to do .........



Salvadore - Our big heart melter - to know him is to love him, and yet we've had him for a year. Overlooked repeatedly, he'll have his day!


Toby - last but by no means least. He was never supposed to come to me but as he won't be going to New Zealand, he failed the blood test, he's with me though not my or his choice. He's not a difficult dog by any stretch, in fact, quite the opposite. Toilet trained, quiet,  easy to walk too, however, I have too many and would love to see him enjoying the attention and love he so deserves.


Carter aka Albert - This is the saddest edit I have had to write since Ulric aka Marcel who lived together with Albert. He had a home any Pug would love. He was so happy, Albert enjoyed his life and had great friends Marcel until he passed, Elvis who he loved and Zoe. Sadly he lost his appetite and went downhill very quickly and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Within a couple of days he had worsened and to such a point it would have been cruel to allow the suffering to continue. He was put to sleep and went to that special place that dogs go - he and his pal Marcel will be hanging out having a laugh together. Your short time with your family has left its mark on them all. RIP sweet boy gone but not forgotten!


Our Budgies

Then came the abandoned budgies....... 5 in total and all in need of someone to care for them and properly. Thankfully our friend and bird man was willing to take them. His new aviary is bigger and they can live in a beautiful setting and fly as they were intended and not crammed into a tiny cage where flying is but a dream!



Our lovely bunny Tou B was adopted too and the timing perfect as our friend will be so busy packing up to head to his new life in Australia. At least he knows his bunny will be safe, happy and cared for!