The famous 5 + Twister and the future

Time for an update from the cat sanctuary. There were 47 cats initially and now Tabatha, Val, Egypt, Diamond and Fire, all girls, are the last ones standing. Oh and Twister the only boy and now in foster.

Twister is dying, his kidneys failing and it's upsetting at best but thankfully he's staying with one of our volunteers and her very special cat. He's adored, pampered and treated like royalty! Oh, and he's washed regularly by the resident cat, Nat! We know we are going to lose him, however we want to ensure he has all he needs and is pain free until the end. Fluids daily, pain meds and whatever food he can have and now his eyes are a problem as his body is weakening. At least he'll have had the best of everything available. * 🐱🐾

The famous 5 - Diamond, Egypt, Fire, Tabatha and Val!

When they move on and we are hopeful, we will be in a position to take on another large number. Perhaps not 47 but a more manageable number of 15 or thereabouts. Presently we have volunteers going in to visit, clean, wash, mop and move things if the cats have had a busy night of play or partying. Our cats are NOT caged but free to play on the terrace or laze around inside in or on one of the many cat trees or structures.

Our volunteers brush, feed, play and interact with the girls too, helping them gain confidence and trust in humans. Without our volunteers we'd struggle as they give their time, love and energy and all free. Why? Well, because they can, they love the cats and want to make a difference which may eventually lead to finding them homes, a family like the others. They are special people and never enough thanks are given for all they do! THANK YOU from me and the girls!

The future - we are a small charity though we work very hard and pretty much keep ourselves to ourselves. We try to maintain quality rather than quantity and each and every animal matters, when homed we bring in another. We presently have 35 cats in total and it is taking hard going at times not to mention costly. I work 24/7 and we have no paid staff. We are totally reliant on fosters, volunteers and our friends. Right now we are looking for sponsors to help us with the cat sanctuary which costs us $15,000 a month (not including medical).The rent, electricity, flea treatment, all medical needs, food, cleaning products, laundry and all cat related items we have to pay for. If we can cover the monthly cost it will allow us to make savings elsewhere. With 35 cats and more coming in all the time it's expensive and we really need help to keep them healthy, fed and well cared for.


If you can help please make a donation to Kirsten's Zoo Ltd. Our account number is HSBC 848 525382 838, or go to our Donate / Sponsor page for more ways to donate.

From all of us and our cats too thank you, Kirsten


* NB Sadly our boy Twister had to be put to sleep this morning August 14th. His kidneys were failing and he stopped eating and was clearly suffering. His bff Nat will be lost without him and as sad as we are. Thank you Emma and Leif for the love and care he received. His last months were his best and he knew he was loved and returned it too. RIP Twister 💕