Dog Adoptions - July 2018 🐕🏠

My, it was a lovely dog adoption day August 22nd, with lots of visitors and potential interest ................ most of them after the summer but hey ho mustn't complain!

We had a decent month with some old and new additions to our zoo finding homes and that's what it's all about. We have had more cats than dogs abandoned this month too, which is surprising but equally sad. The month isn't up yet though: things can still change.

Who was lucky this month?

Crystal - for me it was a special day as Crystal is one of my favourite dogs. After a very sad situation brought her to us along with her big and little brother. They both found forever homes relatively quickly leaving this fantastic girl waiting and waiting. While I was away she stayed with friends and met lots of people and finally someone saw what the rest of us did. A bright, beautiful, cheeky silly girl waiting to be loved! Thank you Tim, she's where she wanted to be and your Island has a wonderful addition! ❤️

Lady - perfect timing as her foster home just came to an end and the perfect home for a dog who prefers people to dogs came up. She swanned off and has not looked back, a perfect match and she is at last settled and exactly where she ought to be. 💙 She was really lucky, right time right person, however it did take months to find her the right home!

Molly - pretty, gorgeous sweet Ms Molly never even left her foster home. Her mum was warned by her the previous foster that it was impossible to not to fall in love with Molly. And guess what, sure enough it happened, YaY! Thanks Deanna for being a softy and falling in love and giving her a real home, for life!

Zander - this was a lovely surprise indeed, our dear little guy was chosen and found love at last. It's always more special when dogs have been neglected and used for breeding. His adorable personality scored him points with everyone who met him, they all loved him and he's now charming the girls again in a new area. Thank you Paul!

Zeta - our funny pug made herself at home with another pug girl. She's moved to Pug Paradise a la Stanley and this, we hope, is where she'll stay - way to go Kaya and Matt. They've always offered, fostered and helped with a few pugs in need and finally they have another edition all to themselves.

Ellie - we are waiting for the final verdict as only half the family are here, she's won one half over and so we wait, we hope the same will happen - watch this space.

Nala - she too is on a little trial to see how she goes with the cat - lets see how that goes. 🐱


Who is in need?

Salvadore - the most handsome dog with a quirk or two to keep things interesting.

Harriet - the happiest, easiest most chilled girl and she's small too. 

Aladdin - the most cuddly, adorable puppy EVER in the world, ahh love him...

Zeno - our dear, gentle ex breeder poodle who would make anyone smile.

Iris - our black beauty who looks at you with such intensity, you melt.

Toby - or Toblerone, the dog who loves routine, he's easy with a quirk or two.

Sisi - who gets on with virtually everyone and dog, she just fits in. 

Gene - the handsome, gentle fluffy senior gentleman who you want to cuddle xx.

Jessie - who is the easiest dog in the home, really acceptant of anyone or thing.

Asia - when she knows you she'll love you, you have to win her over first.


Look forward to seeing you all on the 12th and 26st of August!