Cat Adoptions - February & March 2018 🐈🏠

We had to cancel the February Adoption Day because of CNY - so here we are with a combined list of the adoptions for February and March! Thank you, as always, to Whiskers 'n' Paws for accomodating us and being so helpful to our feline friends! So who were the chosen ones?

Tio (trial confirmed): It was love at first sight with Tio - his new mom saw him at our cat adoption event and just knew she would take him home. He went on a trial adoption to see how he would get along with his new cat sister and it seems like they got along just fine - he's not going anywhere!

QB (trial confirmed): QB is in her new home, loving the fact that she gets to be the only cat and doesn’t need to fight for attention anymore. She fancies her cuddles and has found true happiness!

Thelma (trial confirmed): Thelma said goodbye to her old breeding days and currently is really enjoying life with the kids in her new home. She’s gentle, patient and loves all the attention she gets on a daily basis.

Rayna: It was no surprise that our beautiful Rayna was quickly adopted once again after a trial that sadly didn't work out. She is now happily living in an environment where she feels comfortable and confident in.

Raspberry: Raspberry, our little version of Garfield, has found a home where she can be the star of the show, always. She enjoys her independence as well as her ability to get attention whenever she wants it! The kids spoil her rotten and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Sid & Tabasco: These two young kittens from different litters became great friends in their foster home, always chasing and playing with each other. So, we ensured it would stay that way. They’re lifelong buddies now enjoying their new home and new family together.


Taco: Taco has settled marvelously in her new home. She first went on a trial adoption to see how she would get along with the resident dog (as this was the first time she lived with one)! We were happy to hear the trial was a success and that Taco continues to hold her own with the dog!

Ursula: Ursula truly had such a great transformation - she started out as a shy and scared cat weary of human contact, however, gradually her confidence and personality bloomed. She was quickly adopted at our cat adoption day and now kisses her new mom every day!

We will see you all in April! Thanks, once again, for your support and thank you to all our lovely adopters!