Dog Adoptions - February 2018 🐕🏠

I'd like to thank Peak Cafe Bar for accommodating us twice a month; the staff are always friendly, smiley and helpful and it makes a huge difference! Thank you all! Also, thanks big time to our volunteers who give up their free time, often their only day off, to help our dogs find forever homes. You are the best!

So let's do it in reverse for a change shall we - most in need, fosters, trials, adoptions, 😉 why not!

Who is most in need?

Oh, so many, but I think possibly those most in need are:

Stan - he will need a foster/home by the end of March when his foster mum leaves - he really is living his life one day at a time. He has epilepsy, and although its very minimal and manageable, we know it's not for everyone. 

Kara - she is the loveliest youngster, a super dog-friendly girl. Her fosters will leave at the end of March too, so we're on the clock to find her a loving home and soon! 

Paige - she's an older German Shepherd dog - low-maintenance, sensitive and gentle. She is happy in her foster home and does like to have a play, though I suspect her early life has taken its toll, as she certainly wasn't loved and cared for like she is now. We'd love her to have a retirement home where she can feel safe and secure until the end of her natural life. 

Mary & Bear - they came so close to being put to sleep and only one person offered help. Thankfully, they are really coming around and slowly responding to their new routine, other dogs and food. They're both putting on weight at last, and Mary plays with the other dogs daily now. Bear is not so outgoing yet - he tends to stick with his sister for support. Fosters don't last forever and we do need to think about their future and a retirement home.


Bingo - he's now our only dog in the kennels (small victory) but it's hard for him, more so because he's very sensitive - more than any of the others in our care. He's so desperate to be loved, it's heartbreaking, when you leave him he cries and it completely destroys him and us. His eyes follow you all the way out, it's painful at best. He so needs a foster, a home, and a person to be his. After a training session last week he proved once again just how incredibly smart he is - he was only shown twice what was required and then he got it and repeated it. When his time comes it will be like all my Christmasses came at once. 


Who found a foster and is looking for forever happiness? 

Umbro - he's just the bees knees - he loves people, loves life, loves dogs and is such a ladies boy! Attention, cuddles, kisses, he'll accept readily and come back for more. Ridiculously loving, the right person is out there waiting for this 1-year-old cuddle bug.  He will be someones knight in shining.. fur! Put your hand up now, he needs a home!

Ulric - left in a groomers over CNY, he looked so very sad and down-trodden. After 24 hours in a foster home a little charmer emerged. Happy, cuddly and enjoying the attention he's clearly not had for way too long. He has heartworm and has started his pre-treatment, he will be a healthy little one in a matter of weeks. He's but 7-years-young and has a lot of living and love to give to the right person/s. Could that be you? 

Salvadore - he had a home but they did what we all dread - adopted a younger model elsewhere after saying they didn't have a dog-friendly place until April! So, long story short, our lovely boy is back up for adoption. He's in a new foster and doing fine - healthy and heartworm free hooray. Whoever gets him will be genuinely lucky, he's a great and a real catch. Come and meet him at our adoption days!

Ulla - she's the cutest, smartest little cuddle-bug, with a face that would melt butter. She was very popular last Sunday with over 6 offers to foster. She sort of already had her forever home, well she was a CNY gift and so as soon as it was over, she was given away. She's had the basics done and has been given a clean bill of health - yay! Her new fosters tell me she's super smart, learned when to go to the toilet in a matter of an hour or so. We love the mixed breeds xx

Asia - This was the best, our dear girl was chosen and went into a foster that is keeping us all smiling. She has even allowed them to throw out her dirty cushion which came with her all those months ago. She's enjoying, well actually she's loving, being with a family again - going out for walks, learning to sit, lie down and more without any problem. It's amazing what can happen for a piece of chicken. This was a very happy day I can tell you, I could only be happier if it was a permanent home.  

Sisi & Toby - I saved the best until last because these two dogs have been with us for 4 years, and they've spent all but 6 months of their lives in kennels - Tuen Mun followed by Sai Kung! I have to thank SSF for having them and looking after them for so long. Thank you especially to Cathy, Kim and Narelle - they've been happy and loved. We hope to make them happier still by giving them the opportunity to be 'home dogs' from next week until they find their forever homes. It may have taken years, but it's happening and every dog with us will get the same opportunity regardless of how long it takes!  

Who is on a trial adoption?

Nemo - we are waiting for some good news - he seems to be doing well and has settled in really quickly and is loving his walks and time on the beach. It was a big change but for sure worth it as he's having a ball!

And who were the chosen ones?  

Tilly - it was an absolute pleasure seeing this gorgeous puppy stay with her foster family. The boys were absolutely determined she was staying, even though dad initially said no and for practical reasons not because he didn't love her! If you'd heard the conversation you'd have laughed as did I. The boys offered dad 'one month pocket money', 'one month desserts' and 'all the sweets in the desk draw' if he'd agree to let them keep her. After an hour of bombardment and nagging dad caved and Tilly stayed! 

Justin - this was the best, he's such a big softie, a real soppy love. He made himself at home and boy, what a home. He's slowly making his new sister love him too, though it's hard for her having lost her best friend a year earlier. It was a terrible shock for all and it took a long time to get over. Justin will more than fill the void - he's already taken over the sofa and is clueless about his size. He will sit on anyone or thing without a thought. To know him is to love him, thank you Antje!

Tarquin - Tilly's natural brother and as much a character as her though in a different way. A very dog friendly boy, people too but he loves dogs. He's ended up with another of our dogs Keisha who was not happy having her sister at home but welcomed this chubby boy in seconds. Another lovely home and happy ending.

Sasha - Our gorgeous little girl found her forever home after 10 years in a cage. She is now living the life and is a loved, healthier (by far) pet. And that, my friends, is what it's all about. Thank you Judy!

Sadie - our adorable girl has landed well and truly on her feet, and she's finally getting ALL the attention! It's what she has and will always crave. Let's hope she doesn't eat the resident parrot!  

Sherbet - we saw him at the weekend and wow, such a difference in only a short time. He's with some children and they are great with him! He loves sharing the cat food with the resident cat too. Such a changed dog, loving his walks and life after years of misery as a breeder! 

Shaka - she's got two other little dogs in her new home, and kids too. It's a loving home full of lots of joy, which for an ex-breeding dog must make everyday worth waking up for. She's the sweetest little thing and would bring a smile to anyone's face!

We look forward to seeing you next month at Peak Cafe Bar! We hope to find the best homes for our beautiful dogs in need. l I really do hope this year, the year of the dog, will bring happiness and good fortune to our 4-legged friends each and every day.