Update: Mary & Bear

At the 12th hour we were able to find a foster home for these older dogs. They moved on Australia Day, as it happened, and that was the same day their family flew out! We can't thank you enough Dawn, not only for saving two dogs lives, but for being the first, the only person to offer. And especially when you have only recently lost one of your own!

They arrived disorientated and confused, everything they knew now gone. Mary slipped and fell in a muddy puddle on arrival, her frail body and weak legs unable to navigate the steps.

They were too confused to eat and spent time wandering around looking for something familiar. Thank God they have each other to cling to. 

My heart breaks for them, so for now we are all going to concentrate on feeding them up, getting a health check and supplements to keep them comfortable, or whatever is needed. We are, however, in need of funds to pay for all this - they came with only the basics/food, there was no money available for them! If you can donate, please use any of the methods listed here.