Dog Adoptions - December 2017 🐶🏡

🤶I love Christmas - love it, love it, however hard, sad, lonely and thoroughly crazy the build up is. The actual day is just awesome though!! 🤶🎄

This year I spent the morning searching for little Carmen, who I know in my heart has been picked up by someone who I hope and pray is taking great care of her and is simply unsure what to do. If that is the case and you can see this - PLEASE take her to a vet, call the number on the posters all over the place or call me 55951933, just let's get her back home to her family who are frantic at having lost her!

🎅Ho ho ho🎅 and it was, for some, much more than just Christmas, some of our dogs found homes!

Fendy - after a year and a month she is staying right where she's been since she was a tiny pup, in the only home and with the only people she's ever known. YAY! Worth the wait or what? Way to go Shilpa xx

Bobby - He already went on a trial adoption with another family, but it just didn't work for a couple of reasons - the main one being he really needs to be around and to see the same people in his life. He likes consistency and in his new home he'll get just that and more, as well as a cat to annoy!!

Piper - not only did she land a great home, but she now lives at the end of my street so I get to see her pretty much daily. She may be an older dog but she has a young heart and spirit, and that's what landed her a home, that and the fact she's amazing!

Sadie - We had a feeling her fosters would keep her, and bingo.. what we all hoped for came about and she continued her life knowing no different. So happy to see our older dogs finding homes, we always appreciate it more. The youngsters have many more offers and interests simply because they're young. 

Selina - one of the vet nurses just couldn't resist this little dog that looks more like a hairbrush to me. Alas, she is a teeny-weeny dog with a huge heart, a lot of love to give and receive, and now a home where she will want for nothing. A huge step up from her horrid former life as a breeder!

Shimmy - We knew it wouldn't take long for her to find a loving home, and in time for Christmas. She will be the best thing since sliced bread to her new mum and dad who were besotted with her from the start. Can't blame them, she like all of the other ex-breeders is a real gem, deserving of the best of everything after her sad start to life.

Sara - This is home number two for Sara, because the first fell apart when their helper refused to stay as she's afraid of dogs! OH NO! Poor Sara, her first chance at a great life lasted merely a week, but because she's so sweet she had a waiting list, so off she went. We are happy for her and really hope it works out this time!


Sydnee - He has gone to live with a cat as he, like so many of the poodles and poodle mixes we get is a very needy, jealous boy. We think he'll be fine with the cat, he's too insecure and scared having lived a life in fear and being made to share with many other dogs. We know he will be loved and enjoy his new beginning!

Ricky -  It was the best news ever hearing he was staying with his foster mum who has saved so many dogs on her travels. He is the King and he knows it, he goes to work everyday and has a snooze on the desk, then they go home together. Love this story, he's a trooper and finally has all he probably could ever imagine or dream of. Thank you Rachel!!

Martin - One of the hoarder dogs we took last March (wow, time goes quick) and he is the sweetest little man. Such a character, everyone loves him and even his new sister, who wasn't a fan initially, has learned to love him.

Sylvester - the first and hopefully not the last of the 3 West Highland White Terriers we have taken from a breeder. He was the youngest and in the best condition. He was very sought after, not only because he didn't have any obvious skin or health issues, but also because he is the loveliest, friendliest little fella imaginable. He spent his first Christmas in a home with a family and children who adore him. Merry Christmas to you Sylvester!

Last but not least, and although they aren't dogs they deserve a mention, our Guinea pigs Timmy & Toto found a home! Somewhere they can run round and enjoy a life quite similar to what they've always known. Thank you Liz and Barry!

Who is most in need??

Sadly Asia is in kennels still and we are desperate to get her out, she hates it and so do we. PLEASE open your heart and door to her or another dog in need.

Who is waiting? Asia, Sisi, Toby, Roxanne, Robin, Ringo, Simon, Stan - if you can foster or adopt, please fill in the correct form here.

Best wishes for the coming year, and Thank You for all I wanted for Christmas - some homes for our dogs! See you at the next adoption days, the first adoption days of 2018 - 14th and 28th January!