Buying from pet shops and breeders.

When you think about buying a dog, take a good look at poor Simon and remember this is what you are buying into! 

This dog breaks my already shattered heart, his sad little face haunts me! Poor little guy was bought and shipped from Australia as a youngster, and for the next 9+ years he was used and abused for money. 😢

He's the worst example out of all the dogs we've gotten, and he came from a home breeder. He was shoved in the back of the van without anyone even knowing he was there when our driver went to collect two other dogs. 


His frail body was without hair in many areas, he looked as though he was in a trance and unable to fathom what was going on. We then realised he is blind! His teeth are horrendous, one ear crumpled from a previous haematoma, while in the other ear the canal is virtually non-existent, leaving him deaf in one ear.

My 🎄Christmas🎄 wish is to see the end of the trade in breeding pets for money, for all the Simon's out there! Or at least for someone with a huge heart to give him a retirement home - a warm, clean bed, some good food, a couple of walks and excessive love and cuddles. 

Instead of fueling the cruel breeding trade, do something to stand up for dogs like Simon, and make a donation. Help us to cover his huge vet bills and the other Westies and Yorkshire Terriers like him. Help us give them all a healthy, happy new beginning! 🙏 (We can give tax receipts for all donations above $200)