Cat Adoptions - October 😺🏠

There may have been a rather lame Typhoon during the October Cat Adoption Day, however it didn't stop adoptions - we have moved one of our long-term cats which is always more than wonderful! We have a few newbie as always too, but first, who found homes?

Hobbes - after a long wait and not much weight loss, our biggest cat ever was finally adopted. He is happy and has a home that is just purrrrrfect. It was a very special day, actually a special week homing Hobbes, he was the size of 3 small cats, and to date he holds the record for the fattest cat we've ever had. We all love him anyway 😘

Puma - our smallest kitten has stayed with his fosters. He was and is just too precious to give up, and like most cats has taken over and rules the roost! Such a little devilish face, but with the most spectacularly coloured eyes.

Quirk - she shook from head to foot when she was bought in, she was so scared. It was clear she'd need a special person if she was ever to find a real home. She found just that person and just that home and though she's still fearful, she no longer trembles. Instead she meows and eats like there's no tomorrow. This may be as good as it gets, but hey she's safe, cared for and soon she'll meet her two cat flat mates!

Kevin - Our boy was already adpopted once, but with his larger than life personality and more energy than 2 cats, it was too much for the female resident cat, he sadly had to go. Well, he landed on his paws and has entertainment 24/7 with his new family. They adore him and he has a huge place to fly around in and be as mad as he likes. All's well that ends well! 

Our new arrivals - 
Ramona & Remi - A mum and her very pretty kitten already on a trial adoption.

Alaina and her four beautiful kittens - Not quite ready to go to homes yet, but they're being seen and chosen.

QB - Our shy little ginger girl who has a way to go, but great fosters to help her on her journey.

Rolo - Our exotic boy abandoned in government kennels - Grrr!

Who else is still waiting?

Nicolas - He is ready to go into a new home, a home where he'll still be allowed to take his time but have people who want to love him and play with him.

Pudding & Pie - They have really come in leaps n bounds and are almost ready to face the world.

Nora - She is certainly ready and has become the most amazingly confident cat.

Pia - Finally coming out of hiding posing for photos, we can tell she will be absolutely fine in a home given the time and space she needs.


😻We'll see you at the November Cat Adoption Day where these lovely cats and others will be there looking for homes. 😻