Dog Adoptions - October 🐾🏠

October was a busy month, but luckily it was a busy month for adoptions too! Who was snapped up and taken home forever?

Nash & Petra - they are a stunning pair, though they have quite different personalities; Nash is more confident, while his sister relies on him and follows his lead. A perfectly naughty, playful, couple of pups who are beautiful examples of our local dogs. They went into a foster home and stayed, the best kind of foster home haha!

Quinn (now Alfonso) - one of the three German Shepherd pups we took in, and another dog who went into foster and stayed. He's now living with Lola - one of our dogs adopted a year ago, who is already dwarfed by him, but she can hold her own!! He'll be huge, but he's a real gentle giant and a beautiful soul like his brother and sister. They were fortunate we got them, we can't be sure the other eight from the litter were quite so lucky. I'll get to see all three of them grow up and blossom and have to settle for that.

Buddy - he was being left in a dog park in the morning and collected at night by his owner. Why? His owner had to work and he barked at home... WHAT! Thankfully, one of our friends spent a couple of hours trying to catch him, and finally succeeded. The owner wasn't being unkind or deliberately cruel, he just didn't know what or how to do the right thing. Thankfully, after a lengthy conversation and much reasoning, Buddy was surrendered to us at our adoption day, where he was snapped up in 15 minutes! Now adopted and living with three Pugs in a home any dog would want or kill for. A happy ending - he was lucky - having spent many days in the park it could have been a terrible outcome.

Randy & Rosy - Given up as their family knew they couldn't give them what they needed once they moved into public housing. We took them in, got their medical needs addressed and they went into a home soon after. The boy is more confident, loving his romps around the park and has made lots of new friends - some more willing than others haha! Rosy was in season when we got her, she's slowly recovering and coming out of her shell. Her allergy is being addressed and her skin will soon be clear and a lot less itchy. 

Quazi (now Jack)- we had him for no longer than an hour and he was whisked off to his new life and family. No surprise there, as he is the cutest little Maltese pup I've seen in a while. Big hairy feet that resemble dusters and the cutest face you've ever seen, with a personality to match. A little cuddle-bug, and now called Jack... a more fitting name right?

Quo - One of the three German Shepherd puppies we took in, and a lucky boy as he'll be going to Singapore, just as soon as he's old enough and all his vaccinations and rabies test are finalised.  He has a brilliant home with two other German Shepherds, one older, one younger, also rescues who can't wait to meet him - oh boy, they are going to be fun to be around. Thank you to Carol & Steve who flew over to meet him and no way could they resist this gorgeous, funny, floppy giant. They've adopted around 5-6 dogs and cats from us over the years in HK, UK, and now Singapore - WoW!

Matthew - it took longer than we expected for him to be adopted but mainly because we tried to keep him together with Martin. Well, he's ecstatic and enjoying the benefits of life as a solo, older dog. He gets to go on adventures to lots of places, he gets carried, constant cuddles, kisses and all his favourite treats and meals. Wow, and oh yes, there's more, he doesn't have to share a thing!!

JellyBean - Her trial adoption is now confirmed - wahoo! My Jelly "belly" Bean found her safe haven, her ex ex foster couldn't forget her and came back for her. JB hopped into the taxi as if she knew this was going to be her future, her life with her new mum. It was so terrific to see her so happy and to know she'd get what she wanted, to be the only dog and have all the attention lavished on her!!! I have a soft spot for her of course because she stayed with me for a long time, though my other dogs and my cat were thrilled to see her go, where peace prevailed haha. 

Pasha - She fit like a glove in her foster home, and that became clear quite quickly. It was her home! After however long on the street and a life of uncertainty and sadness, she is now very much part of the family and HAPPY! A rags to riches story for this cuddly, affectionate girl!

Melvin - our rather round,  super happy boy finally has a home to call his own. Having lived with over 50 animals before, it's no doubt a welcome change to be with only one other dog and a bunny. He has been in the same foster for a few months now, and it wasn't until his chance of adoption came up that they realised they couldn't part with him. He is losing weight too, though slowly, but as long as it stays off he'll be fine.. yay!

Ben - He was already confirmed adopted, we just didn't know which family he was ending up with! Well, he's staying in Hong Kong and has a BFF too... From wandering the streets hungry, he now has a loving home, regular meals and lots of walks and hikes. Another rags to riches story for our little Yoda.