Dog Adoption Days & The Following Week

We have had a long, wet, or too hot, few weeks and it hasn't helped with adoptions - at the first sign of rain people run for cover and don't come out again. That aside, let's have a look at what has changed in the past month or so. Who has been adopted, who joined us, who is most in need?

Who was chosen?

Olga - After a couple of months in a foster home, the fosters decided she was already very much part of the family. I see her often on our walks and she and Magpie (the resident dog) are like two peas in a pod. She's a happy dog with a great bunch of dogs and people who clearly love and care for her. She's gained weight and confidence, and will even leave her walking buddies and go home on her own to be with her mum, no roads to cross don't worry! She's clearly happy there.

Olaf - He was barely in the door when off he went to a new home. No surprise though, he was a 3-month-old Bichon Frise, and was therefore of interest to many. He has a new friend as well as a new mum, another rescue dog for her and the two are already inseparable, not to mention adorable.


Opal - This very lucky little puppy started her young life badly - she had tick fever and ringworm when she was found, and was badly dehydrated also. After a good few days in the vet with fluids, meds and lots of love, she went off to a foster home and made a full recovery. The foster home has now become a home so she will stay with her new best friend Horlicks - our naughty Labrador rescue who she loves to torment. A perfect ending to her story. Special thanks to the lovely guy who picked her and and saved her life! 


Prue - She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but don't be fooled, she's like any puppy - full of spirit and fun. He only objective is to play and with whoever is available. Though she has only three legs, it doesn't stop her! She's a beautiful soul and I'm so glad to see her in the best home imaginable - she'll be loved to bits and there's even talk of her having a prosthetic leg!

Natasha - Sister to Melany, and as different as they are to look at, they have the same sweet, loving nature. They also both found homes with a large male dog! She's settled in very quickly and is happy, loved  and having a blast. What more could we ask for?

Roxy - She finally found a loving home, and though it may have taken 9 months to do so, it was really worth the wait! She's all grown up now but still has that cheeky, baby face - she's just gorgeous. What's even better is I get to see her often, because she is living in the area and walks the same morning trail - yay!

Jelly Bean - My naughty, spirited Jelly "belly" Bean has gone on a trial adoption. It's absolutely wonderful for her and us! Her foster mum from when she was a tiny puppy has carried a torch for this one for months.. finally she made that huge leap and asked to take her. I agreed to a trial because we want all concerned to be happy. So far she's doing very well and enjoying all the attention while I'm enjoying all of my bed again, well, just me and Henry the cat!

Ben - He has a home but we aren't exactly sure where yet! He has two people who care dearly for him and so he'll have the best life ever, no matter which person he ends up with! It will be either Kennedy Town or Manilla, perhaps even both. We are all waiting in anticipation to see where this funny Yoda look-a-like boy lands.

Who found a foster but still needs a home?

Nash & Petra - Our stunning duo landed a foster home on on Lantau, not too far from where sister Natasha is now - I'm sure they'll all be enjoying playtime and frolics on the beach! 

Bobby - He was a very fortunate dog, because after a lot of juggling we were able to find a great foster home for him, and now we may have a home too! Fingers crossed for him - he's a really special dog with an abundance of love. Watch this space.

Sadie - She wasn't yet advertised because we weren't able to find her a foster home. Now she is currently in the same foster home she landed in no less than 6 years ago, before she went into what was supposed to be her forever home. Sadly, after all that time it didn't work out - she came back a couple of weeks ago. We hope to find her a loving home once more. It has to be said that she is loving being back where she was originally - she gets more attention from the other dogs and the foster parents. She's been very lucky and we hope it continues. 

Kara - She is doing soooo well in her foster home - far better than we could have imagined. It's a very busy household with so much going on, it's often chaotic in fact, but she loves it! Her foster mum says she is thriving. Who would have ever though it? She loves the kids, the other dog, and the fact that there's always something going on. If you are looking for a dog to keep up with your busy lifestyle, Kara is the girl for you. 

Who came to join us?

Pasha - She looked like something you'd use to wash the floor with when found - after a wash or 12 and a drastic haircut she now looks like the darling girl she is. She's quiet, calm and easy going - loves the family, her walks are especially fun though the traffic sounds are scary at times. A dear little one and only 3 years old. 

Who is most in need?

Asia - We are desperate for a foster for Asia for one month - 4th October until the first week of November and we are seriously running out of time. You can read her story here. Let us know asap if you can help!

We have more than a few others in need as always, and you can see them all here or you can always pop along to our adoption events at Peak Cafe Bar in Central on the second and fourth Sunday of each month! The next is Sunday 8th October :) 

Thank you to the staff at Peak Cafe Bar for your kindness and support, thank you to our friends, fosters and volunteers for all you do and give. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from us all! Please don't forget we have our big annual fundraiser coming up on the 29th October - we need you to raise money by sponsoring or asking your friends to sponsor you to do the walk! Details here. Come and join us and get out your crazy costumes, don't dust off the cobwebs though and remember you'll need one for the dog too!