Cat Adoption Day - Sunday 17th September - Whiskers 'n' Paws

What a happy, sizzling hot Sunday, with our lovely kittens and cats finding homes on the day and over the month. 

There was only one little one that didn't go, that was little Nubie who shook, wobbled and hissed through fear each and every time someone looked at her. It was all too much for her and on her own without her foster friend she really couldn't cope.  We actually left early to take her home, and I'm happy to say she was up and in good spirits not long after ready to take on the world once again. Phew!

So who found a home this month? Have a look as well as a glimpse of some of our newbies .......

Neelah & Nadia - These two dear little creatures have a wonderful home and family. They were originally being sold for on the internet for $200 each by an unscrupulous individual. The girls have joined two little girls who are as pretty as each other and are sharing everything including bunk beds! A happy ending for all, and a new beginning for our kittens.

Lemon & Liquorice - Finally, they turned the corner and blossomed, allowing all kinds of interaction from many people and loving it. The attention they initially shunned was now something to enjoy and seek out. They've joined a family with two young boys who are enjoying their first pets and kittens. Since entering their new home, they have been into everything and exploring all the nooks and crannies. Haven't they come far from the BBQ they were born in?


Omar - Our sweet little one with his missing toes has found his forever home and we couldn't be happier. It's with one of our longest fosters who have cared for 30 or more kittens and cats over the years. He'll be moving to the UK next year, pretty amazing for a kitten picked up on the streets of Hong Kong. Thank you to the Herbert family for helping some of the worst cases we've had, and ultimately saving so many lives!


Moshi - Her adoption was finally confirmed and we couldn't be happier. She is a beautiful, cartoon-like cat, who likes to walk on the lead and join her new family for outings. She's completely spoilt, as she should be, and she's completely thriving. From the Mongkok markets to this - fantastic!

Jasmine & Galaxy - though they were not our cats initially, they were lucky we were able to find them a wonderful foster who rehabilitated them and got them ready for the new life ahead of them. Jasmine is shy and has lost most of her teeth, and her best friend Galaxy has FIV - an odd, but loving couple. It worked well for them and they are happy in a forever home at last. Galaxy was allowed to get ridiculously fat, so he is now in boot camp and his diet continues!

Who joined us this month?

Pia, Pierre, Pudding & Pie and our latest kitten Puma - check the cats looking for homes here, and perhaps see you next month? Alternatively, all of our cats and kittens are available to be seen in their foster homes after you've filled in the adoption form here.

Enormous thanks to Whiskers 'n' Paws for giving so many cats and kittens a chance of a new life, as well as supporting us in many other ways. Thanks also to Steve for his time and gorgeous photos, and to all our hard working volunteers and fosters without whom we wouldn't be able to do what we do! Have a happy, healthy September and see you on October the 15th.

A special note: We have to say goodbye to 3 of our cats who are flying to the UK along with their dog Becka and their mum. Cheers Catherine for adopting, fostering and helping us through the good times and bad! Bon Voyage to Yule  & Moon (2 of the 46 cats we rescued) and of course Thomas. They're off to climb trees and breathe clean air.......... THANK YOU Catherine - you and they will be sorely missed!