Gabriel & Gene - Happy Once Again

Our older gentlemen finally broke out of the kennels -  it’s been over a year since we took them and we’ve found them the perfect retirement home.  

It was a tough year for them having been free to roam for 11 years and then being made to live inside in a kennel, learn to walk on the lead, get used to cars, many people, and all sorts of things unfamiliar to them. The medical issues that followed didn’t make things easier for them – they have both had to endure surgery. Both fully recovered now, though Gabriel's heart is really bad (he has a heart murmur), and all the medicine in the world can't change the fact that one day he'll sleep and not wake up again, or he'll just pass away in his tracks. I just hope it's fast…  

The bond between them was also a huge consideration, as they have never been apart except when in the vet. On those occasions, the other one paced around waiting patiently for his brothers return. It was more than moving to watch the happiness and relief when they were reunited each time. A big concern has always been what will Gene do when Gabriel does go? How would he cope without his twin brother? I realised we had to somehow bring another dog into the equation to help Gene, but knowing it could also make it potentially more difficult as Gabriel is very wary of other dogs, and is the stronger of the two irrespective of his health; he will always defend Gene.

It came about quite by chance when I was talking to Jill, our dog trainer and friend for over 20 years. She had the space, the time, a dog called Sam, and all the love and care they could hope for, and was willing to foster our boys. WOW! Christmas really came early this year! 

They moved back to the Island they'd always lived on, though a different bay, and they are getting back into Island life again. They hear the birds, an occasional voice and life is good. Gene is slowly accepting Sam and they have been interacting nicely, while Gabriel is having a harder time getting used to a younger, unrelated dog in his life. We hope that when the weather cools and they are able to spend more time outside together that they will grow closer.

My motto has always been and still is "There's the right pet for everyone, it's just a matter of putting them together'. Thank you Jill and to everyone who has and continues to care for our older animals most in need.