Our Recommendations


Whilst we would love no issues in the relationship between you and your pet, the very nature of where some of our animals have come from means they may have experienced abuse, neglect and mistreatment.

Helping them - and you - to adjust to your new life together is our ultimate aim.

Please click on the links below and take a look - our recommendations are based on experience and knowledge of the people and methods involved.

Video Training - Dog's Trust - this is an excellent resource

Book - It's Me Or The Dog - Victoria Stilwell

Puppy Training Classes - HKDR at Whiskers & Paws or SPCA

Trainers - For The Love Of Dog - Jill Eason

Trainers - Dog Training - Foster Wong

Trainers - Dog Training - Eddie Choi

Trainers - Dog Training - Mark Peters

Please contact us if you are experiencing any issues - we will always do everything we can to help you.


Acorn Veterinary Hospital

Acorn Veterinary Hospital

Acorn Vets are our recommended veterinary hospital and where all of our animals are health checked and assessed. If you are worried about your pet then do not hesitate to contact them - 2540 0228.



Sherrin at Lemongrass produces very high quality and completely natural products - for humans and pets. We highly recommend using her products on your pet as no nasty chemicals or ingredients. Sherrin also gives her time and support to the charity and for that we thank her!

Whiskers & Paws

Whiskers & Paws

The largest selection of pet food, treats and supplies in Hong Kong - available online and in-store. They also have a special section that is home to some of our cats and host of our monthly Cat Adoption Day - held the third Sunday of every month!